PICK UP “Sombrero” by MK

Pick up "Sombrero" is the latest evolution of the acoustic double bass pick up that MK produce.
The principle remains the same as the previous version, it is fit of the arch of the bridge, but the functioning of the piezo transducer is totally different.

"Sombrero" represents the beginning of a new generation of piezo pick up that allows to amplify the acoustic double basses; studio and live tests have given us very good sensations, the sound is very natural.

The insertion of the pick up in the arch of the bridge represents a trendy way to amplify the bass, which has always been a difficult goal to achieve, amplify the best way means to feel the voice of our instrument with all its harmonics, but stronger, that is amplified.

MK "Sombrero" pick up with its wooden structure of considerable mass is able to capture the most intimate nuances of our instrument, in addition, the output signal, if you want, can be preamplified.
It is present a length variator that allows the pick up to adapt at all sizes of the acoustic double bass bridges.

MK "Sombrero" pick up is hand-built and easy to use, you do not make changes or remove anything of the instrument, just insert the pick up in the arch of the bridge, lightly tighten the adjustment screw, insert the jack support between the ropes of the tailpiece, connect the amplifier and play.

This new version that MK produces will give the possibility to all double bassists to acquire a "Sombrero" at an astonishing price.


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